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Fleet overview

Aircraft of various types and sizes allow operating the airplanes on given segments optimally. Departure and arrival times are coordinated following well-structured banks so as to offer ideal national and international connections at the Vienna hub. The following aircraft types will bring you to the destination of your choice.

Overview of Austrian - fleet

319   320
7 x Airbus A319   24 x Airbus A320
321   763
6 x Airbus A321   6 x Boeing 767-300ER
772   DH4
6 x Boeing 777-200ER   16 x Dash 8-400
17 x Embraer 195  
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online_icon OS9004 LGIR-LOWW
online_icon OS188 EDDS-LOWW
online_icon OS7451 EDDM-LEMD
online_icon OS65 LOWW-KORD
online_icon OS7028 SCIP-MMMX
online_icon OS336 ENGM-LOWW
online_icon OS7007 KSFO-PHNL
online_icon OS7028 LOWW-VHHH
online_icon OS906 LOWI-LOWW
online_icon OS183 LOWW-EDDS
online_icon OS2751 BIKF-CYUL

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