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"myAustrian virtual" is a virtual airline, not existing as an airline in reality, operated by a "Verein" (club, association), which is a registered legal entity in accordance with Austrian federal law Bundesgesetz ├╝ber Vereine (Vereinsgesetz 2002). The "Verein's" name is "Austrian Virtual Airlines - Verein zum Betrieb virtueller Fluglinien" (ZVR-Zahl, registration number 384356996). As member of myAustrian virtual you are becoming a formal member of the "Verein". Our pilots are classified as "au├čerordentliche Mitglieder" in accordance with our "Vereinsstatuten" (association statutes). No membership fees arise from your membership.
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online_icon OS9004 LGIR-LOWW
online_icon OS188 EDDS-LOWW
online_icon OS7451 EDDM-LEMD
online_icon OS65 LOWW-KORD
online_icon OS7028 SCIP-MMMX
online_icon OS336 ENGM-LOWW
online_icon OS7007 KSFO-PHNL
online_icon OS7028 LOWW-VHHH
online_icon OS906 LOWI-LOWW
online_icon OS183 LOWW-EDDS
online_icon OS2751 BIKF-CYUL
online_icon OS9003 LOWW-LGIR

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