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Who we are

"myAustrian virtual" is a virtual airline, not existing as an airline in reality, operated by "Austrian Virtual Airlines - Verein zum Betrieb virtueller Fluglinien", a registered association (ZVR-Zahl, registration number 384356996) in Austria in accordance with Austrian federal law Bundesgesetz ├╝ber Vereine (Vereinsgesetz 2002).

We don't have real aircraft and you won't be able to book flights with us.

We are engaged in flight simulation on PC and do this as our hobby. A virtual airline is a community in which persons try to simulate the operations of an airline, in our case the airlines of Austrian Airlines AG. We act with permission from Austrian Airlines AG and our aim is to simulate its operations as closely as reasonably possible.
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online_icon OS9101 LOWW-LGKO
online_icon OS8806 LSZH-LOWW
online_icon OS9202 LTAI-LOWW
online_icon OS7006 LEBL-LOWI
online_icon OS2343 LOWW-HEGN
online_icon OS310 EKCH-LOWW
online_icon OS763 LOWW-LBWN
online_icon OS810 LGTS-LOWW
online_icon OS82 KLAX-LOWW
online_icon OS9088 LGSK-LOWW
online_icon OS8817 LOWG-LSZH

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Austrian Airlines
VATSIM Certified VA
VATSIM European Division
IVAO registered VA
VACC Austria Certified VA

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