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myAustrian virtual was founded on December 1st, 1998, as "Austrian Virtual Airlines" (AVA) by Michael Mrak. In those times, virtual airlines were not comparable to virtual airlines nowadays. Only a few destinations were offered and the quality of the available aircraft was not too high. The first intercontinental flight available for submission by our pilots, Vienna - New York, was available in January 1999.

Some months later, Franz Sauer, who was an experienced programmer, became member of myAustrian virtual Airlines and commenced the development of FlyAVA. This piece of software became the core of myAustrian virtual Airlines. It offered to our pilots a logbook and other innovative features.

In 2003, the well-known and until then used Yahoo mailing list has been replaced by a forum and the website was redesigned. Primarily Philipp Bauer and René Billiani have been accountable for this redesign. At that time, flights of Tyrolean Airways and Lauda Air have been included into the schedule, leading to a renaming into "Austrian Virtual Airlines Group" (AVAG).

With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 "A Century of Flight", many features of FlyAVA could not be used any more. Rainer Meisel took over the development of FlyAVA and thanks to him the software was usable until 2009. He started working intensely on "FlyAVA-Connect", which should have supported Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but finally never has been released.

Thanks to a cooperation between Rainer Meisel, Michael Mrak, Patrick Hrusa, Werner Angerer, Christian Gullneritz, Reinhard Branter and Markus Griesslehner, in June 2009, the new Austrian virtual headquarter software was going operational, thus concluding the era of FlyAVA. On pilots-side, XAcars and FS Flight Keeper were supported as client software. Also a new flight simulator was supported, X-Plane. Since then, the headquarter is constantly being extended and developed further.

In 2015 the "Headquarter" software was renamed in "Headquarters". The association "Austrian Virtual Airlines - Verein zum Betrieb virtueller Fluglinien" was established and the now renamed "myAustrian virtual" is being run by this association.
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