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As pilot of myAustrian virtual you start your career in the rank of a "Trainee" (TR). With this rank you are already entitled to fly two aircraft types, those are the Dash and the Fokker. Each rank is dependant on certain requirements. For the promotion to a higher rank all requirements linked to that rank have to be fulfilled. Furthermore, there are some ranks which are only manually appointed by the management team. There are no claims to promotion into such a rank, but they will be appointed by the management team to honoured pilots.

As your career progresses, you will collect flight hours as well as seniority points by flying for and submitting flights to us. Those are the basis for promotions. Some ranks entitle you to fly further aircraft types, meaning also further available routes to fly.


Your virtual salary is dependant on your rank. A Second Officer will gain more virtual money for the exact same flight compared to a Trainee. With this virtual money you may buy jumpseat tickets and thereby change your position.

Below, you will find a short overview of our ranks and their requirements:

Trainee (TR)
- Initial rank
- Aircraft types: CR9, DH4, E95, 319, 320

Second Officer (SO)
- min. 100 seniority points
- min. 10 flights
- min. 10 flight hours
- Aircraft types: 321

First Officer (FO)
- min. 300 seniority points
- min. 30 flights
- min. 50 flight hours
- Aircraft types: 763

Senior First Officer (SFO)
- min. 1000 seniority points
- min. 100 flights
- min. 250 flight hours
- Aircraft types: 772

Captain (CAPT)
- min. 1500 seniority points
- min. 150 flights
- min. 400 flight hours
- Only manual appointment by the staff

Senior Captain (SCAPT)
- min. 2000 seniority points
- min. 200 flights
- min. 1000 flight hours

Instructor (INS)
- Same requirements as SCAPT
- Only manual appointment by the staff

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