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Our rules

In order to ensure fun while flying with us, some rules and agreements are necessary.


Each pilot has to submit at least one flight every 60 days. Otherwise the account will be automatically disabled and subsequently deleted, thus also terminating your formal membership in the "Verein". After having achieved the rank of "Second Officer" you are at any time eligible to request a temporary suspension ("freezing") of your membership. This will prevent your membership from being automatically deleted and will be approved by the staff in cases like holidays, education, illness and so on.

Requirements for membership (cumulative)

- You accept and obey our "Vereinsstatuten" (association statutes) available at (legally relevant version is in German; a brief summary of this is incorporated in the following requirements).
- You accept the privacy policy and provisions and the website's terms and conditions.
- You own and submit a valid e-mail address.
- You are at least 16 years old.
- You own a supported flight simulator (FS9, FSX or X-Plane).
- Your are able to taxi your aircraft from the parking position to the runway and to take off there.
- You know the basics of navigation and are able to fly your aircraft to the destination aerodrome.
- You are able to land your aircraft safely at the destination aerodrome and to taxi to a parking position thereafter.
- You enjoy flight simulation and are willing to improve your skills in that subject area.

Flight booking

A booked flight is exclusively reserved for you, meaning that you don't have to fly this flight immediately, but you have some time before commencing that flight. Nevertheless, if it is foreseeable that you cannot execute a booked flight you should release it. After seven days this is done automatically.

ACARS clients

PIREPs (flight reports) have to be submitted by means of an ACARS client (PIREP client). At present, we support XAcars (Freeware) and FS Flight Keeper (Payware). It is not possible to submit flights to our headquarters without a supported ACARS client. You will find a setup guide for both clients in our wiki.

Internet connection

It is required to establish and maintain a LiveACARS connection to our headquarters during the whole flight. Without such a connection a booked flight cannot be submitted to and accepted by our headquarters.


As you gain flight experience for our virtual airline, you may be promoted to a higher rank after some time. Every pilot starts as "Trainee", meaning you are restricted to those types of aircraft linked to that rank. Further information on this topic may be found on our "Career" site..
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